About Chapel Hill 2020


Our Town, Our Vision

We are working together to implement all the great ideas generated in Chapel Hill 2020, the new comprehensive plan that sets a vision and a path for growth for Chapel Hill.

On June 25, 2012, the Town Council unanimously adopted the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan. The Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan is a reflection of the values, aspirations, and ideas of the community. The participants in the Chapel Hill 2020 process envisioned a town that is accessible, affordable, and sustainable; asserted the importance of protecting the community's natural resources; and emphasized the importance of a vibrant downtown and active neighborhoods.

This new planning and visioning document has created a framework for the community and the Town in managing Chapel Hill's future.

Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan and Reports*

* Additional reports were developed that support the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan. While these documents are not a part of the adopted Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan, they contain additional information about the process, an overview of data, and other material.


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